/faɪn / (say fuyn)

adjective (finer, finest)
1. of the highest or of very high grade or quality.
2. free from imperfections or impurities.
3. (of weather)
a. sunny.
b. Meteorology without rain.
4. choice, excellent, or admirable: a fine sermon.
5. consisting of minute particles: fine sand.
6. very thin or slender: fine thread.
7. keen or sharp, as a tool.
8. Nautical (of a hull form) of a low block coefficient with pointed bow and stern (opposed to bull).
9. delicate in texture: fine linen.
10. delicately fashioned.
11. highly skilled or accomplished: a fine musician.
12. characterised by or affecting refinement or elegance: a fine lady.
13. polished or refined: fine manners.
14. ornate or elegant: fine writing.
15. delicate or subtle: a fine distinction.
16. showy or smart; smartly dressed.
17. good-looking or handsome.
18. (of gold, silver, etc.) having a high proportion of pure metal, or having the proportion as specified.
19. Cricket towards fine leg.
20. in good health; well: I'm feeling fine.
21. acceptable; satisfactory: if you haven't got any butter, margarine will be fine.
22. Colloquial in a fine manner; excellently or very well; elegantly; delicately; with nicety.
23. Billiards in such a way that the driven ball barely touches the object ball in passing.
verb (fined, fining)
verb (i)
24. to become fine or finer.
25. Also, fine down. to become fine or clear; clarify: the cider will fine if it is left to stand.
verb (t)
26. to make fine or finer.
27. to clarify (wines or spirits) by fining.
28. (plural) the extremely small particles which may be present in a powder.
29. Mining
a. very small material produced in breaking large lumps, as of ore or coal.
b. in general, the smallest particles of coal or mineral in any classification process or sample of ore material.
30. (an exclamation of approval, agreement, etc.)
31. fine down, to become more elegantly slim: her figure will fine down as she gets older.
32. fine up, (of weather) to become fine.
{Middle English fin, from Old French, from Latin fīnis end, limit, boundary}
/faɪn / (say fuyn)

1. a sum of money exacted as a penalty for an offence or dereliction.
2. Law
a. (formerly) a fee paid by a feudal tenant to the landlord, as on the renewal of tenure.
b. (formerly) a sum of money paid by a tenant on the commencement of the tenancy so that the rent may be small or nominal.
3. Obsolete a penalty of any kind.
verb (t) (fined, fining)
4. to subject to a fine, or pecuniary penalty; punish by a fine.
5. in fine, finally; in short.
{Middle English fin, from Old French, from Latin fīnis boundary, end, Medieval Latin settlement, fine}
/ˈfineɪ / (say 'feenay)

1. the end of a repeated section of a musical composition, whether da capo or dal segno.
2. the end of a composition comprising several movements.
{Italian: end}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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